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20: concert CMDH - Bach (multiple) harpsichord concertos


24-27: harpsichord intensive Royal Conservatoire The Hague

(masterclasses, concerts, lectures around the harpsichord)


17: concert La Cicala

23: concert with B’Rock Orchestra & Nederlands Kamerkoor


7-10: recording with La Cicala


4-10: early music summer course CANCELLED

30: concert La Cicala Utrecht Early Music Festival

31: concert La Cicala Uitgast Festival


8: concert with BarokOpera Amsterdam

13: concert with Música Temprana

23: New Collegium at Kamermuziekdag


5: concert with Radio Antiqua

15: concert with New Collegium

18, 20, 25-27: tour with Amsterdam Sinfonietta

31: 'Queen Mary' with BarokOpera Amsterdam


8 & 9: CD tour 'Anonimo Venexian' (Inês d'Avena & Claudio Ribeiro)

16: concert with Música Temprana

22: concert by the students of the School for Young Talent/

Royal Conservatoire The Hague


1: concert 'Anonimo Venexian' (Inês d'Avena & Claudio Ribeiro)

15: concert Radio Antiqua

11-23: tour with Música Temprana


Willem II Concert Hall, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

The Hague, The Netherlands




Wijchen, The Netherlands

De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Casa de Quintã, Portugal

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Lelystad, The Netherlands

The Hague, The Netherlands

Gent, Belgium

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Loulé, Portugal

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Franeker, The Netherlands

Daejeon, South Korea

Hillegersberg, The Netherlands

The Hague, The Netherlands

Kasteel Daelenbroeck, The Netherlands

Zeist, The Netherlands

Belgium/The Netherlands

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